Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa Limited

Nature of business Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa Limited (the owner of “Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa Cox’s Bazar”) a Five Star Resort & hotel in Bangladesh, started its commercial operation from 17 September 2015. The principal activities of the Company throughout the period were carrying out Resort & Hotel business. The business activities connected with the Resort & Hotel business are carried out through a Franchise Agreement between Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa Limited (Franchisee") and GT Investments BV (the "Franchisor)", a limited liability company organized under the laws of the Netherlands, having its registered office at Arnhemseweg 2, 387 CH Amersfoot, the Netherlands dated 01 June 2014. Franchisor are knowledgeable and experienced in managing and promoting five star hotels and resorts and has (and/or its Affiliates have) performed such services throughout the world.
Reason for IPO nterior, finishing, furniture & fixture (157 rooms) 106,827,300 (71.22%) Acquisition of land 26,660,000 (17.77%) IPO expenses 16,512,700 (11.01%) Total 150,000,000 (100.00%)
Subscription open 23 Apr 2019
Subscription close 06 May 2019
Subscription close for NRB 23 Apr 2019 to 06 May 2019
Offer price Tk. 10.0
Face value per share Tk. 10.0
Market lot 500 units
Single lot price Tk. 5000.0
EPS Tk. 0.67 for the period ended on June 30, 2018
NAV Tk. 10.48 as on June 30, 2018
Public offer
Major product The principal services of Sea Pearl Beach Resort and Spa Limited are: ? Rooms and Suites ? Food & Beverage
Issue Manager Banco Finance and Investment Limited, Prime Bank Investment Ltd.

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