Silco Pharmaceuticals Limited

Nature of business Silco Pharmaceuticals limited has engaged in manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals finished product in the categories of Antibiotics, Analgesics, Anti diabetics, Narcotics, Antipyretics, Anti Inflammatory Drugs, Antiulcer ants, Multi medicines which are sold in local market.It has set up a modern pharmaceutical plant that is equipped with advanced and modern machineries and technologies.
Reason for IPO Construction of new factory building in the existing vacant area144,655,552 (48.22%)Import of new Machinery97,356,000.00 (32.45%)Purchase of Delivery Van36,310,000.00 (12.10%)IPO Expenses21,678,448.00 (7.23%)Total300,000,000 (100.00%)
Subscription open 07 Mar 0201
Subscription close 19 Mar 2019
Subscription close for NRB 07 Mar 0201 to 19 Mar 2019
Offer price Tk. 10.0
Face value per share Tk. 10.0
Market lot 500 units
Single lot price Tk. 5000.0
EPS Tk. 1.64for the period ended on June 30, 2018
NAV Tk. 27.05as on June 30, 2018
Public offer
Major product The Company has following principal products:1.Tablet; 2. Capsules; 3. Liquid Syrup; 4. Dry Syrup; 5. Pellet; 6. Powder; 7.Powder Suspension; 8. SRS Saline
Issue Manager EBL Investments Limited, City Bank Capital Resources Limited&Citizen Securities & Investment Limited

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