Bengal Windsor Thermoplastics Ltd.

Nature of business The company is one of the largest garments accessories manufacturer and exporter in Bangladesh. The company is currently dedicated to the production of hangers to be supplied to exporters as accessories for garments export.
Reason for IPO To meet the present business needs for the purpose of business augmentation
Subscription open 27 Jan 2013
Subscription close 31 Jan 2013
Subscription close for NRB 27 Jan 2013 to 09 Feb 2013
Offer price Tk. 25.0
Face value per share Tk. 10.0
Market lot 200 units
Single lot price Tk. 5000.0
EPS Tk. 3.62 for the year ended June 30, 2011.
NAV Tk. 19.50 as on June 30, 2011
Public offer 16,000,000
Major product The company has ten lines of hanger manufacturing machines serving its customers who are the leading garments exporters of the country.
Issue Manager ICB Capital Management Limited

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