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We are hiring programmer

Nascenia IT, the team behind bdipo, is looking for a fresh talent to fill its growing need.

Are you passionate about programming? Do you have pretty good idea about object oriented programming? Do you know about web technologies? Did you ever code in Java, .NET, RoR, PHP, or any other server side scripting language? If your answers are yeses, you may read through.

If you are a CSE graduate, you are fine. If you are not, but have hands on experience in programming, you are okay, too. If you dream to bring changes in your life and in all of the people around you, not by fighting, or by talking, but by coding — we must be looking for you.

If you wanna build something greater than yourself, something greater than all of us, you won’t regret clicking the link here. Go ahead!

One lac BO account holders get service from bdipo

This is a huge success of the whole bdipo community. Tonight on Oct 26 at about 1:15 am the one hundred thousandth BO account is created in bdipo system.

Thanks to all our customers, well-wishers and developers. This success is yours.

When we first made this site, people started to doubt if Bangladeshi people would be tech savvy enough to use this site. Truly speaking, we weren’t very much confident, too.

Now bdipo Team is really proud of its users. bdipo Team is really proud to be Bangladeshi!

50,000 is an important number this week

Why? That’s because 50,000th BO account is created in bdipo this week. We targeted to achieve this milestone, by this year. But we reached to it well ahead. Looks like we are not very good at forecasting. We probably underestimated the IT savvy people of Bangladesh.

As always, but never enough, we would like to thank our customers and well-wishers. bdipo Team is proud of you!

Now what? Let’s target a newer height. 1.5 lac by the year 2010. Impossible? I also think so. But you never know. Never underestimate the power of people :).

1000 registered users

Yesterday 1000th user signed up to bdipo. The average BO account per user is 3.

Hip hip hooray!

Should we celebrate? We were thinking of doing that when we hit 1000. An now that we have 1000 registered users, how about deferring the celebration for 10,000?

Human being always wants more.

Nevertheless thanks to all of our users, bug reporters, and well-wishers. The credit is yours. We only make the platform, you are the players on it.

We hit 100

Hooray! Today bdipo hit 100 users.

104 users created 241 BO accounts with our site. @ 2 minutes per form, bdipo has saved 482 minutes i.e. about 8 work hours for our customers. Let’s try to convert it to BD currency…

We can assume that our customers’ average earning is tk. 30k per month. Considering our customers work 5 days a week and 8 hours a day, average earning per hour per customer is tk. 170. That means our site has created minimum value of tk. 170 x 8 hours, i.e. tk. 1360.

Not bad for a 20-days-old service. What do you say?

Thanks and congrats to our customers and well-wishers. You are greatly responsible for the success of bdipo.