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GP and Microsoft Awarded bdipo Team for developing application on IPO Result Search

We built a small mobile app and entered into the contest named Alo Ashbei, a mobile app contest organized by Grameenphone and Microsoft. Like ours 280 applications were submitted. 50 were shortlisted for 2nd round. In this round each team presented their apps with technical details and commercial viability. 10 teams were selected for the final round. At this round tech geeks from industry, academicians and business personalities judged the apps and their potential. Yesterday three out of those 10 were awarded with prize money, certificates, mobile handsets and 400+ softwares by Microsoft. Even more interesting is that Grameenphone is going to work to launch those apps commercially.

We were one of those top three.

Grameenphone and Microsoft awarding Nascenia IT

From right to left: Faruk, Shaer and Fuad of Nascenia IT (bdipo Team), Country Head of Microsoft, ICT Minister, and CEO of GP.

Our product was IPO Result Search. Go ahead, try it!

Now we have an upbeat mood in our team. Award really tastes sweet. Cheers!