Launching Micro Plan

It is more than six months, we launched the paid versions of bdipo. Our customers took it nicely, except a bit hiccups in the payment process. However, we did not receive expected responses to cover our going cost. After a bit of research we found that the primary reason is that a lot many customers opened multiple free accounts, instead of maintaining one paid account.

Although our team was for keeping a free account, we could not do so for greater sake of keeping the product alive.

So, here we are coming up with Micro Account with the limit of 5 BO accounts. Free account holders have about one month in hand to upgrade to Micro Plan or any other paid plans by paying the due. The amount to upgrade to Micro Plan varies from person to person, but it is about Tk. 100. Please make sure you pay exactly the mentioned amount that will be instructed to you after you click the Upgrade menu item and choose your plan.

With effect from Dec 1, 2011 all existing free account holders will be barred from generating real IPO forms and checking latest results using dynamic search.

However, we are making a Trial Account available for those who want to try our product before deciding to buy. In trial account customers will be able to create BO accounts, generate dummy forms and check an old lottery result dynamically. On December 1, 2011 all existing Free Accounts will be converted to Trial Accounts. Trial account holders can convert to any paid plan, by paying the required amount.

We wish you all a very happy Eid-ul-Azha. Enjoy your life with your friends and family. Leave the boring form-filling-kind-of-jobs to bdipo.

With all the best,

Shaer Hassan
bdipo Team