Explanation on the notification by RAK Ceramics

Today we talked to RAK Ceramics. Yes, they reconfirmed us that any form following their format, even a hand written application will be accepted by them.

Well, that is the standard. That is written on the overleaf of any form (clause 3): “Application must be made on the Company’s printed form/photocopy or on typed copy/hand written form thereof.” অর্থাৎ, ফর্ম হাতে লেখা বা টাইপ করা হলেও চলবে।

RAK ceramics form IPO form instructions # 3

RAK ceramics form overleaf instructions 3

So, why did they bother to advertise on the dailies?

Some of the forms available in the market quoted their premium wrongly. They actually referred to those forms (with wrong information) while they mentioned they wouldn’t be liable for them. As long as all the required information is recorded correctly in an application, they would accept the application, they said.

So, dear investors, go ahead and keep using forms generated by bdipo or any other forms you like. Just make sure information is recorded correctly.

Enjoy Life!