Consumer targeted SaaS

The Independent has published an article on on March 8, 2012. Thanks to The Independent and Mr. Nazir Hossain. You may read the news  at page 29 of the electronic version of The Independent from the following link, or just read through below.

The Independent e-Paper of March 8, 2012 

Consumer targeted SaaS

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SaaS stands for Software as a Service and the first SaaS for which Bangladeshi customers are paying is Presently, it is the only consumer targeted SaaS product in the country that acts as a hub for IPO related information in Bangladesh. One can get IPO information and application forms, generate filled-up IPO application forms dynamically, see the IPO results and search for those results as well.
Developed in 2010 by a software company named Nascenia IT, bdipo can be accessed by anyone from anywhere anytime as it is a website-based-service. Presently, more than forty thousand primary share investors are availing their services to escape the tedious journey to Motijheel to buy forms and filling out the form by hand. Instead of actually stepping out for this process, you can simply log on to, fill out the form on your desktop to complete the process. It is as simple as that. This is arguably the only SaaS in Bangladesh for which user pay online using an e-payment gateway.

For their innovation and contribution in boosting business productivity, in 2011, bdipo won two awards: E-Asia Award 2011 (international award) and AloAshbei (national award by GP and Microsoft). was also nominated for IT Innovation Award.

Source: The Independent, March 8, 2012 


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