Change in subscription fee for has been providing services at your fingertip for more than two years. We have got immense response from you. We are hence thankful to you.

Recently, a lot of IPOs are there in the pipeline. That makes a lot of users to use our site at a time. To provide all our users a better service, we need upgrade our server which is costlier. More usage leads to more customer queries which is increasing our administrative expense. Hence to ensure proper quality, we need to have more cash flow.

To provide you uninterrupted and better service, we are slightly increasing our subscription fee. From November 18, 2012, the new subscription fees of will be as follows:

Our existing clients whose subscription has not expired will not be affected with the new pricing. This will be applicable for new clients and the clients who are going to renew their plan.

Keep enjoying your life. Leave the boring form-filling-kind-of-jobs to bdipo.

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