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Before the Beginning

এটা আমাদের প্রথম ব্লগ । তাই মাতৃভাষাতে শুরু করছি।

I wish I could continue rest of the post in Bangla, but that would deprive many of  you who don’t have the right font installed yet :(.

So, how did it start? The bdipo thing?

One day, in office I told my colleague we should do something interesting. Bangladesh will go through an IT revolution in next couple of years. Internet cost dropping drastically, e-payment knocking at the door, high mobile penetration, mobile device becoming  powerful enough to be the primary browsing and computing device, and Bangla Unicode and transliteration making Bangla more available over web.

He said he had a great idea!

We worked on the idea in next couple of weeks. Nights and weekends. At the first week we were very excited, He built the basic framework for filling up the IPO forms automatically. In the second week I made a detailed worksheet with cost, revenue and risk analysis. Whew! that’s too much work, and too much risk. “Let’s discard the idea, should we?” he asked. “Eeeyes”, I mumbled.

That was the end of it.

Well, not quite. A month later, again, I talked to him. “You have a great tool, that already we are using. Why don’t we share it to public?”, I said. “Where is the revenue model?” he asked. “I don’t know. Maybe there is none, but why can’t we just share a good thing to people. We can figure out the revenue part later, can’t we?”

And it began to rain. On a day in Jan 2010.