bdipo is Launching Paid Service

Perhaps there could not be a worse time to launch this. Secondary market is bearish, new IPOs are held up and bdipo is launching paid service. That sounds 3 bad news on a row, right? Not quite. Good news is you get more time to pay and prepare for the next big IPO. And market seems to rebound, too.

Why are we doing it? You know nothing in this world can sustain if there is no business model. Recently a lot many users subscribed to our service. On result publishing days our server experienced so much pressure that our hosting company warned us to migrate to a better server. Better means costlier. We cannot continue providing you quality service without sizable amount of cash inflow.

So, even to keep the service going, we need money flow. So, here are our offers.

We are launching it on March 9, 2011. You will get exactly one month of time to upgrade your account to any paid plan. Until then you will continue to enjoy all services as usual.

Pricing Plan of bdipo

We tried to keep the pricing as flexible as possible. We did a qualitative research before we came up with the plans.

If you have only 5 or less BO accounts and do not bother about any other features, you are free to enjoy it without any cost. For bulk users, as you see, we have three offers: Basic, Regular and Premium. The plans do not only vary in terms of number of BO accounts, but at the higher end augmented features are offered. More features are on the pipeline. So, if you don’t care much about paying tk. 1000 or tk. 500 yearly, we recommend you go for Premium or Regular plan; because those will allow you to enjoy more existing and upcoming features.

Any suggestion or feedback is welcome.